Laser Tag Glossary


ACC: Arena Components
First, Delta Strike offers a huge range of interactive arena components like base stations, targets or energy gates that add to the fun in your arena.

In brief, Arena Components are devices that are installed inside the arena, and add additional options to the laser tag game. Moreover, some components interact with the phasers, they can tag players or be tagged by them. Also, they can deliver bonus points and extra features or act as an additional opponent. In addition, some components interact with each other, e.g. a lighting component can change its color based on an event triggered by a target and so on.

Briefly, Animatronics are lifelike robots, that can be integrated with other arena components. Hence, the use of animatronics is especially interesting for theme park laser tag. Imagine a robot themed after a licensed character in your arena that suddenly starts tagging the players!
Arcade Machines
Arcade machines are coin-operated machines for playing video games. Also, they are an ideal addition to a laser tag center. Moreover, your customers can play video games during breaks between laser tag games.

Furthermore, Arcade Games fight boredom and offer an additional source of income!

Of course, the Arena undoubtedly is the most important part of a laser tag center. Here the laser tag games take place. To put it briefly, if your arena isn’t good, your customers will go somewhere else.

Delta Strike offers a lot of different interactive arena components to enhance your game area. Need some inspiration? Have a look at Free Arena Design, Arena Theming Companies, and our arena-related eBooks at the Laser Tag Academy.

Vesting Room.

In brief, some centers refer to their vesting room as “armory”. Here the laser tag equipment, the phasers and vests, are stored and charged.

Delta Strike offers great looking vest mounts and chargers for your armory or vesting room.

Use of automatic equipment in a process.

Automation is vital to ensure a high customer throughput in your center. To sum up, the more actions happen automatically, with the click of a button, the more reliable and fast your game turnaround will be. Most important Delta Strike’s software and hardware is optimized for automation, to make operating games much easier.


Birthday Parties
First, 50 – 60 % of all customers visit laser tag centers for a birthday party.

As a result, profit from that customer group by catering to their wishes – e.g. by offering birthday party rooms or VIP phasers for the VIP guest celebrating his birthday in your center!

Branding Kit
Of course, Branding defines your corporate identity concerning the design of your promotional materials, e.g. the colors, logos and icons you use. If you feel insecure about graphic design, feel free to profit from Delta Strike’s free laser tag branding kit.
Business System
Business systems lead businesses to success. And processes and procedures help to structure your work, reports identify chances for improvement.


Core System
The core system consists of the minimum components that are required for a game of laser tag. Moreover, it consists of game software and server (mobile devices also possible), phasers and vests.

Of course depending on the type of center and your preferences, the core system can be extended by adding extra features. Additional features are e.g. base stations, targets, ​intelligent lighting and other interactive arena components or membership systems.


Dedicated Player

First, Dedicated Players are the ones that are really into laser tag. In addition, they are mostly between 16 and 30, competitive players and demand more complicated games. Also, they are difficult customers, but also the ones most likely to become repeat customers.

Consequently, to keep dedicated players interested, simple “point-and-shoot” games are not sufficient. Thus, Delta Strike offers a membership system, various game types with different difficulty levels and interactive arena components to keep your dedicated customers entertained.

Delta Tag

In brief, Delta Tag is a laser tag game, especially developed for Family Entertainment Centers and the needs of social groups. Thus, it is the easiest form of a laser tag game, with a simple point-and-shoot principle.

Digital Multiplex

DMX is a standard for digital communication networks, commonly used to control lighting and effects. Hence, DMX lighting is easily integrated with a Delta Strike laser tag system.


Event-Based Software
First, Delta Strike’s Game Editor can be used to design games from scratch or to modify existing games. Game events can be connected with a trigger and action principle, what comes in especially handy if you develop games that suit a theme and tell a story.

Also, an event can be connected to a player tagging a special arena component, a special amount of game time passed, etc.

The Evolution FEC is the FEC (Family Entertainment Center) version of our Evolution phaser.

It is very simple to use. It supports 3 team colors and 8+ game modes. For detailed equipment, specifications see our product brochure.

The Evolution PRO is the PRO version of our Evolution phaser.

It is very simple to use. It supports 9 team colors and 25+ game modes. The PRO version offers access to advanced features, like the membership system. For detailed equipment, specifications see our product brochure.



In brief, FECs are multi-entertainment centers. They often provide food, arcade games, and a number of other entertainment services such as bowling, wall climbing, etc.

Thus, FEC customers don’t necessarily visit the center to play laser tag. E.g. a group could come for bowling and then try laser tag because there is a package deal. Therefore, FEC laser tag needs to be easy and fast to grasp, but still entertaining​.


Game Editor
Delta Strike’s Game Editor Software allows you to modify existing games, or even create completely new ones.

In addition, the powerful tool enables you to create exclusive games with stunning game options.

Games Per Hour
In brief, the number of games per hour is significantly influencing your income. In fact, some centers go for 3 games per hour, some go as high as six games per hour.

Subsequently, it all comes down to the length of your customer’s entertainment time. So to learn more about entertainment time, read our eBook on “Increase your Catchment Area”.

is a word that Delta Strike avoids.

We usually replace the “g”-word with the term “phaser”. The laser tag phaser is used in the game to tag other players. More information about our phasers can be found at “What is laser tag?” and at “Equipment”.

Why don’t we use the “g”-word? Laser tag is mostly played by children from 8 to 12 years. Our phasers are designed to not look like toys because we take your customers seriously. On the other hand, they also don’t resemble guns too much. Players use phasers designed to look like equipment for futuristic space warriors – this way you avoid having children pointing realistic looking guns at each other.


Haze Machine

In brief, Haze Machines are similar to smoke machines, but better adapted to laser tag arenas. In addition, they produce a see-through mist, that improves the visibility of laser beams and colored lighting.

Heads up display

Of course, most video games show players a heads up display with game play information. And this information can be the player name, game messages, or information about weapons and shield. In addition, our phasers are equipped with an LCD screen that offers similar information.


Icing on the cake
Consequently, Laser tag centers make most of their profits on weekends, during the week fewer customers will come in. For that reason, by using a membership system, and limiting it to weekdays, dedicated players and repeat customers will come in during quiet weekdays – creating an icing on the cake extra income!

Laser tag equipment usually uses laser or infrared signals for tagging. Of course, laser beams are very thin and can travel long distances. Infrared produces a narrow beam that is better suited for tagging sensors.

Consequently, we use a combination of both, infrared (which is invisible) for tagging, laser to show the players where they shoot at. Compare both systems with our eBook.



The membership kiosk is usually run on a touch screen device. IMembers can log on and use their earned game points to purchase extra weapons and attachments.

Kink Phaser
A kink phaser invites non-players to the game.

If your arena has a viewing gallery, you can install a coin-operated phaser that allows non-players to tag players from above.


Laser Tag
Once again, Laser Tag is a live-action sport, a combination of paintball and video games. Players tag each other with laser tag phasers, and thereby earn points. If you want to learn more about the game, visit “What is Laser Tag?”
Liquid crystal display

LCD is a technology used for e.g. laptop screens. Delta Strike phasers use it for the heads up display.

First, a laser tag league is a perfect opportunity for building customer loyalty and repeat business. In addition it offers customers the possibility to earn points and to take part in tournaments.
Lazer Tag Equipment
Lazer tag Equipment- see “Laser Tag Equipment”- traditionally “laser tag” is called different things across the world. Therefore, you can substitute “lazer” for “laser”.
Laser Skirmish
Although Laser Tag originated in the United States, it has spread across the world being called many different things. Several countries and cultures refer to it as “laser skirmish”.
Laser Tag Software
Initially, one of the key elements that makes a laser tag game run smoothly. Thus, a good laser tag manufacturer will make their own software for commercial use.
Laser Tag Arena
The place where a game of laser tag is played. Typically dimly lit with black lights and neon glow accents to enhance the mood and visual effects of the laser tag systems.


In brief, countries with hot and humid climate, malls are a good alternative for locating your laser tag business. Given these facts, see tips for deciding on a location in our eBook “Laser Tag Secrets to Success”.
First, Membership offers players the chance to earn game points, that can be exchanged for additional weapons and features or simply used to compete for the highest score. In addition, Membership is an excellent way to encourage repeat business.
Mobile Laser Tag
In brief, Mobile Laser Tag is not bound to an arena. In addition, our system makes it extremely portable. Also, it allows laser tag to be played indoors and outdoors – everywhere.
Multi-level Arena
Especially for sites lacking space or those with high rents, it is a good idea to think about arenas that don’t spread out but create more space through multiple arena levels.

In addition, second level structures could be wooden or made from steel, and add a whole new dimension to your customers’ laser tag experience.

Multi-Entertainment Center

In brief, Multi Entertainment Centers offer more than one amusement attraction. For example, a center could include bowling lanes and a laser tag arena, or add a laser maze and/or climbing walls to it.

Hence a laser tag center offering a few arcade machines is usually not defined as a multi-entertainment center.


Plug & Play

In brief, Plug & Play is a principle used in the construction of our laser tag phasers. Hence all our parts are modular, and can simply be unplugged and replaced by a new one.

First, the population is an important factor in deciding on your laser tag center’s location. Thus, if the population within the next few miles is too low, or if you have to share it with too many competitors, you should choose a different location.
Point of Sale software allows payments for games, party room bookings, party food, merchandise, drinks and sweets.

In brief, Pre-Installation is the time span during or after planning and before the actual building or renovating takes place. Delta Strike provides you with a Pre-Installation Manual with detailed information on how to prepare your building for your new laser tag system.

First, Prop System refers to our prop interactivity kit. Similarly, our interactive arena components offer the opportunity to integrate props like rockets or robots into the game.


Quality Control

Our products are subject to a vigorous quality control process before they leave our factory. Therefore, please see detailed information in our product brochure.


Repeat Business
Our products are subject to a vigorous quality control process before they leave our factory. See detailed information in our product brochure.
Revolution PRO
Our Revolution PRO phaser has a larger case than the Evolution series, is non-transparent and has access to all advanced features.

Radio-Frequency Identification

In brief, RFID is used to uniquely identify and track tags attached to objects. Delta Strike’s membership cards use a RFID log-in.


Self Diagnostic
Our phasers’ self-diagnostics feature allows them to send error messages if common errors occur, making repairs a lot easier.
In the vast majority of laser tag games, when a player has been tagged once, that’s it. Delta Strike equipment uses features like in a video game. Players have a shield, every time they are hit, it is reduced. After enough hits, that’s it as well.
Shock Detector
Delta Strike phasers are rugged and durable, due to several reasons. One equipment protection mechanism is the shock detector. If a phaser is misused, the staff receives an alert.
Social Group

A social group is one of the customer types you will meet in your laser tag center, mostly in FECs. Social groups haven’t necessarily played a laser tag before, they don’t want a too complicated game.

Standalone Center
At standalone laser tag centers, laser tag is the main attraction and source of income. It can be a challenge to operate them, we provide a lot of resources on this website to support you.


Tag Area

Phasers and vests have taggable sensors on them, that can be tagged by other players. Hence, those are the so-called tag areas.


In general, throughput is defined as the rate in which items can be processed.

In brief, with laser tag arenas, throughput means, how many people can play per hour, or how long it takes for one game – from the start of vesting and briefing until the receiving of score sheets – to be processed. Fast throughput is essential for a successful laser tag business.


The word laser tag consists of two parts. ‘Laser” describing the beam that is used in the game (that is a simplified description, if you want to learn more, refer to infrared), “tag” to what the players do with it.

Players aim with their phasers at the tag areas on the opponents’ phasers and vest. If they shoot the beam and hit a sensor, the opponent is “tagged”. The player earns points, the opponent loses shield and is deactivated after a set amount of hits.

Truck Test
All Delta Strike products have to pass a vigorous quality test. The truck test is one example for that. A lot of manufacturers tell that their products are hammer tested, or that a truck drove over their vests – at Delta Strike, we drove a truck over our phasers. They are still working.

In brief, Referred to laser tag, turnaround is the time between two games.

That means, you are aiming to reduce the time it takes you to lead group A out of the arena and them turning off their vests and getting their score sheets, and the time to introduce group B to the game and prepare them to enter the arena. Turnaround time can be anything between 3 minutes and a quarter an hour, but you should aim at having it as short as possible.




In brief, UV lighting is a special kind of lighting, which is often used in arena theming. Special paint glows in the dark when it is illuminated by UV lighting.


Video Base Station

The video base station is a world first in interactive laser tag arena components. It provides a base station with a LCD screen, that directly explains players how to use it in the game and offers a lot of additional game options.

The vest is an essential part of laser tag. Players wear it during the game and can be tagged at the sensors on it. Delta Strike’s vest is made from leather and illuminated in dazzling colors. It is very durable and adjustable to fit all ages.
VIP Phaser
Our VIP phaser is an interesting extra for birthday parties or stag nights. The phaser sets itself apart with a bright orange color and is programmable with extra features.


Web Portal
The web portal is a business operation tool. It allows owners to login remotely, and to access reports about their center from anywhere.
World of Games
Delta Strike delivers a great range of games – team and free for all modes, simple and advanced games. Furthermore, you can easily adjust games or even create your own. One of the most powerful tools of Delta Strike’s software suite is the game editor.


One of many predesigned Delta Strike laser tag games.

Delta Strike’s own version of the classic “infection” laser tag game, Zombie takes the battle of good versus evil to a whole new level. The uninfected must fight off the zombies before they can spread, while the zombies seek to zombiefy everyone in the arena.

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