Laser Tag Equipment Reliability

Easy to Fix - Plug & Play

Laser tag arenas are tough on equipment… phasers and vests get smashed against walls, dropped on the floor, sweated on, given the “Tug of War” treatment, and sadly, sometimes vandalized.

We have worked hard to build our Laser tag equipment to be extremely tough and very reliable. However, no system on the planet is invincible.

At some stage, equipment will need to be repaired. Delta Strike products are designed for easy servicing for your staff.

laser tag easy repair

No hot gluing or soldering! If a component stops working, unplug it and plug in a new one. All components are modular.

If you unplug more than one module, you will need to know which plug goes where. All sockets are clearly labelled for ease of use.

We have designed our equipment so anyone can fix it – If they have common sense – train them!

We provide training equipment maintenance videos for new staff members to learn from. We test their knowledge, grade and provide certificates.
Delta Strike repair manuals are designed for non-technical people to use. They include diagrams, repair tips and common fault diagnosis.
When Delta Strike provides software upgrades, you don’t have to open every phaser or arena component. Simply download the latest update and apply it!

Delta Strike’s phaser displays show error messages for commonly occurring faults such as cable disconnections.

Delta Strike Support is available by mobile, Skype and email on our 24-hour help-line- there for ongoing assistance and support.

Quality Control & Testing

Utilizing our state of the art facility, Delta Strike engineers most of our components in-house. This allows us to design our printed circuit boards, plastics, and other proprietary products to the highest manufacturing standards.

When we do need to outsource components, we dedicate significant time and energy into vetting these suppliers to ensure that their standards meet our expectations. Because of our very strict manufacturing standards and quality control, the durability of the Delta Strike system is second to none.

By utilizing a number of mechanical and electrical pieces of testing equipment, we can ensure a consistent quality of the products we send to our customers.

laser tag equipment qc ckecklist


Our products are subject to a vigorous quality control process before they leave our factory.

laser tag equipment impact test


All plastic components are subject to weighted impact testing ensuring they are strong enough to withstand the impacts they will experience in a laser tag arena.

laser tag equipment run in test


Components are given a run-in test to ensure all LED lights, speakers, network connections are functioning correctly for extended periods of time.

laser tag equipment truck test


Many other laser tag suppliers have driven over their vest with a car or truck, but none have been able to drive over their phaser gun as well. Delta Strike’s phaser passed this test with impressive results- it is still in one piece and working!

laser tag battery test


All batteries’ charging circuitry is tested to ensure that they are charging correctly and that they hold their charge for the required duration.

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