Commercial Laser Tag Equipment

Laser Tag Equipment

The IAAPA Winner 2019 – Best New Product Concept

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7D Theater

A turnkey solution for the most enthralling theater experience!

We supply the most advanced, complete turnkey solutions to the 4D theater industry worldwide.

We can provide a custom system with Delta Strike theaters offering the broadest range of special effects, 360° ride, VR seats, and more thrilling, immersive entertainment offerings.

Laser Tag Vest
Laser Tag Phaser

This is not a toy

It’s a business asset, built to make money.

It can process 1 to 6 games an hour!
Turn 30 players around in less than 3 minutes.

It has one goal… Maximize your income.
We believe in the fastest ROI of any laser tag product.

Repeat customers = the best customers,
so we built it rugged – reliable as hell,
to keep your customers happy.

Players don’t want boring
they want dynamic, sci-fi, high tech!!
To lose themselves,
be inside a computer game.

So we made this award-winning product feature-rich:
Selfie Camera
Wireless Charger
Social Distancing
LCD Touch Screen
30+ Games
Selfie Camera
Laser Tag Phaser LCD Touch Screen

It’s smart!

Durable, highest resolution display in the industry.

Under the hood, the Genesis uses
the latest Micro Controllers throughout, and this battlesuit is fast and responsive….

And it keeps getting smarter! It uses WiFi updates to ensure product features will grow and improve with your business.

That’s why Delta Strike has been the fastest-growing laser tag company in the last five years.

We’ve been around for 20 years, and we’ll be here for you in another 20.
We are your partner here to help you grow your business.

As laser tag fanatics, we’d love to talk about your plans; it’s a free consolation with no obligation chat.

Arena Components - Laser Tag

Arena Components

Integrated, Programmable, Formidable!

Customers want their laser tag to be like a video game, where things happen randomly… yet intelligently.

The AI-Arena adds a whole new level of interactivity your players will love.

This added game depth encourages repeat play, a significant boost to ongoing income.

These devices have lights that flash dissolve, speakers with sound effects & audio messages, and in the case of the Video base station… it has super cool videos!

All devices connect via WiFi back to the main S/W. Each machine is triggered into different modes depending on events that occur during the game. Players can gain extra points or powerups to help them win the game!

These guys expect Immersive

Success depends on:

For every one great video game, there are ten bad ones…
The laser tag is the same. And your customers know it! They are tech-smart, they have cellphones, Xboxes, smart TVs…

Advanced is expected!

Lucky! Genesis is the most feature-rich laser tag product in the world. With a Selfie Camera, Induction Charging, Full-color touch screen…

Your customers came for a good game, and the Genesis is made to deliver because we know not all laser tag systems are created equal.

It’s all the tiny minor adjustments that make or break a game. And that’s what we specialize in!

Laser Tag Phaser VIP
Laser Tag Phaser VIP

Will my Laser Tag Business work?

Success depends on:

Plug all your details into our “Will-it-Work” tool and get a detailed report…. with suggestions!

Click the button to get an estimation of your site’s potential for success!

Number of other Attractions
Birthday Party Rooms
Arcade Machines
Arena Design and more...

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Once we understand your vision, we will work with you to create a customized proposal that will suit you, your facility, and your budget.

Laser Tag Supply


Our team will help with the pre-installation tasks, site prep, and shipment after signing a contract. A team member will come to install the equipment and train your team on the equipment’s operations.

Laser Tag Ongoing Business


24/7 Helplines
Free Ongoing Training
Operational Reports
Fast Spare Parts
Marketing Material
Business Checkups
World to Trust

What Our Customers Say About Us

Everything we do at Delta Strike is to ensure your customers will love our products. Find out what our customers have to say.


How much it cost to set-up a laser tag business?
Laser Tag can get you earning income with as low as $80,000 start-up costs! When compared, this is less than a quarter of the cost to set up most bowling, trampoline, or karting businesses.
Why Delta Strike?
Delta Strike has been developing laser tag products for business for almost 20 years. Delivering high-quality products, amazing reliability, with more than 450 customers worldwide.
Laser Tag ROI?
Laser Tag offers one of the fastest ROI’s in the family entertainment industry. With revenues ranging from $95 to over $200 per square foot, it is hard to find a comparable attraction!
Do I get free support?
With the help of our numerous online support & training resources, you will be able to fix any minor issue yourself. In the unlikely event, you are unable to resolve an issue. Our 24-hour support technicians are just a call away.

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